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I’d like to thank Ms. Raya Shanazarian and her friendly staff to make me feel healthy again. Due to arthritis, I had a lot of pain and inflammation in my joints. She thoroughly examined my blood work and determined the nutritional and vitamins imbalance that I had. She helped me improve on my health conditions substantially by correcting my diet, having me avoid certain food items, and taking the necessary supplements for my body and age. Moreover, after doing a long research and comparing pros and cons of Thermography vs Mammography, I decided to do Thermography at her clinic this year. I am very happy with my decision and satisfied with the professional service she’d provided. Thank you so much for everything Raya!

Thelma B.

I am extremely thankful for Steps To Wholeness. Raya Shanazarian is an extremely knowledgeable expert who has the potential to help a variety of individuals in regaining their health back. On multiple occasions throughout the years, she has helped me pin point and treat the root cause of my health issues while general physicians were only scratching at the surface and trying to treat my symptoms with medications. It is a blessing to have someone who passionately strives to guide her patients in obtaining healthier and better quality lifestyles without the harmful effects of toxic drugs. For anyone who is feeling hopeless in finding solutions to their health issues, do your body a favor and visit Steps To Wholeness!

Romela M.

I love Nature’s Treasures! Raya Shenazarian is a gift to her clients. I always feel better when I leave there, in part because of her treatment and in part because of her beautiful and caring demeanor. Plus, her assistant is lovely too. So kind! I go to get ionic foot baths regularly to get rid of the toxins. It always helps. I feel so lucky to have such a gifted healer near my home!

Janna G.

Raya is very passionate, enthusiastic and takes the time to explain and educate.
I have seen excellent progress in my health in a short time that I have partnered with her.
She will provide proper guidance and if one commits and executes, excellent results can be achieved.
Very worthwhile experience.

Sam F.

Raya is the best! She is incredibly knowledgeable and informative, and so is her staff. She has helped me and my family for a long time, whether it be for diabetes, high blood pressure, anxiety, to liver detox and immune boasts she’s our go to person because we trust her ways. Thank you Raya! You are amazing!

Amy T.

I had the flu for a while, unable to work or do anything. No medication helped get rid of my cough or other symptoms. After visiting Raya, and following her treatments and taking supplements she gave, the flu went away in less than a week and the coughing fits stopped. She is truly amazing. I trust her more than doctors. Forever grateful!

Liya M.

I started going to this clinic on May 2012 I had chronic arthritis pain in my neck and my joints, also I had digestion problems for many years, which was diagnosed as gastro colitis. Stating 2 years ago, I experienced shortness of breath when walking uphill and numbness in my left arm and leg! After many visits to several doctors, they found out one of my angioplasty last September, I felt tired and was continuously very low on energy, had muscle pain. I couldn’t concentrate and had a brain fog. After visiting you clinic, most of my problems have diminished. The tests are more accurate than those of other doctors. He follow up process is much more thorough, the natural supplements are chosen in a meticulous way, each person is offered an individually tailored supplement and not cookie cutter solution. It is equally important that the client cooperates, follows the instructions step by step and walks the walk, and allows time for the body to do its job. Without these steps you cannot expect successful results. It’s not a booth camp on short term diet; it is change in lifestyle and way of thinking. From the moment you walk into this clinic you are greeted with a nice smile and warm reception, which is authentic and sincere.
Their nice attitude and genuine interest in the clients’ health and wellbeing are very much appreciated.
This makes you feel welcome and wanting to come back.

Odet T.

I spent 10 days in a hospital under different doctors’ care. They gave me 12 different types of antibiotics to help an infection I had, which they could not find where it was. They thought that doubling the dose of the antibiotics would help me get better sooner. But unfortunately the antibiotics were affecting my body negatively. I was feeling weaker, and was having constipation, my temperature would not drop. As I was starting to lose hope that I would never get out of these doors, I decided to reach out to Raya Shanazarian for help. She suggested supplements and several tips that I could use at the hospital. I was able to get back to my everyday life just after 3 days. All those doctors couldn’t figure out the cause of my dizziness, consistent migraines, fever, and body aches. But just by talking to Raya for 30 minutes she figured out that it was a virus. She nursed me back to health and gave me her 100% attentions.

Thank you Raya for helping me stand on my own two feet again. I am happy that I found someone who actually cares about people getting better the natural way. May god bless you and always keep you safe.

Thank you

Marine T.

Before visiting Raya, I was feeling tiered all the time, and my digestive tract was little too off. She recommended me to have hair test done. After the results came, she put me on specific food diet, vitamins and supplements. I started to feel better in about a one month. Now I don’t feel tired anymore, and my digestion is much better.

I recommend my friends to Raya all the time.

Tack G.

I came in to see Raya when I had hit rock bottom in my life. I was overweight, constantly sick and was pretty down all the time. After I began to come in, I stared listening to what Raya had to tell me. During my first cleans I lost 14 lbs. Then after a few weeks, I lost additional weight. I was also starting to feel better internally and externally, and I wasn’t getting sick as often. I plan on keeping up with this new lifestyle choice that I have made, and I cannot wait to see even better results in my future.


I have had great experience and results by following Raya Shanazarian’s advices. She listens and tries to understand our problems and recommends supplements that work for us. I like that the very first thing she asks is to see lab results. I would recommend her to everyone I care about, she has great personality and very pleasant to talk to. Her staff is very friendly as well. You can also talk to her on the phone, if you have concerns. She answered all of my questions via e-mail and never charged me for her time.

Thank you

Astrid K.

Last year in August 2010 I was feeling horrible because my health was very bad. Something was happening to me and no one understood what was going on with me. I visited doctors and they only gave me antibiotics and said I will get better. Well, I did not, until I meet Raya Shanazarian. A year later and I’m much better now. She helped me so much, she knew exactly what was really happening to my health. I’m very happy with my health it’s not 100% yet but I know I will be very soon. Once of the issue that she discovered was Candida. Raya, honestly you are an amazing person ever.
Thank you so much for everything!!


I went to Steps To Wholeness three times. I have only had wonderful experiences, my main concern was hair loss but after taking the hair test, I found out that I have other problems as well. Raya went over the results step by step and answered my questions. After one and half month I can see the difference.
One good thing was that I could get the appointment the same day I called, I also liked the receptionist’s attitude, she is so polite.
I am glad that I went to this center and I am happy with their services. I recommend my friends and relatives to go to Steps To Wholeness.

Arsine A.

I found about Raya from her TV show. It was a great experience to meet and allow her work with me on my health. They are so good and friendly and helpful. No matter how busy they are, they’ve been always available. The clean and joyful environment, helpful health advices and right herbs helped me gain my health back. Raya Shanazarian knows what’s best for you, what will help you better and most of all to make you feel better and healthy and it works. I have never felt so much better then now at this age, I’m 53 and I feel like 25 J .
Thank You

Aghavni Aylozyan

My son who is 11 years old now, had an unknown hives from age one. His pediatrician and allergy specialist were not able to find out the reason or even treat the red itchy rash which my son was suffering during these 10 years. Raya Shanazarian was the person who I appreciate and understand her method of treatment. She first gave him a cycle of detoxification herbs and by analyzing his blood test taught him how to bring his body into balance with food. He isn’t suffering with those hives anymore.

Nareg. K

I had high cholesterol that kept increasing these past two years. I tried many different things mainly home remedies, but none would work. I saw Raya on television and decided to seek her help. After meeting with her, she provided me with natural pills that I stayed on for four months. After the four months, I took a test and found that my cholesterol decreased dramatically. I will continue to take these herbs until I’m fully satisfied with my cholesterol levels.
Thank you Raya !

Gagik S.

My 2 year old son, Andre was constantly sick with the flu cold and other viruses. We brought him to Raya’s office and she recommended some vitamins. My son has not been sick AT ALL since January. We are now in August. We love Raya and her staff and have recommended all of our friends and family to visit her. I have more faith in her than any other doctor out there.


I was seeking help for living a healthier lifestyle. Raya Shanazarian guided me on this path with thorough discussions and recommendations. Following her advice I started sleeping comfortably at night, have increased energy all day and overall feel healthier. I am extremely satisfied and happy with my experience at Steps To Wholeness.


My experience with Raya has been incredible. I have never met anyone so knowledgeable about health and hove received so much information about my health from her. If I hadn’t been to Raya, I wouldn’t have known now to take care of my health the most possible way. She has helped my 8 yrs old son from a really painful constipation and for that I’m truly grateful and can’t thank her enough. I myself am going through a liver and thyroid problem and she’s helping me to bring my level to normal. I’m looking forward to a healthier future and I plan on continue my visits with Raya, so she can guide me to the right direction.

Thank you

Yoland T.

Before coming to and meeting Raya , I was diagnosed with anxiety by my family doctor. He placed me on medication. When taking the medication I was fine but after the medication wore off my symptoms kept coming back. I decided to come to Raya’s office. She went through my blood result and it turned out that it was not anxiety, I was having intestinal problems. Raya gave me herbs to heal my intestine and said to keep away from grains, sugar, and dairy. It’s been a month I am watching what I eating. The herbs helped me not have ANY symptoms what so ever!!
I am so happy to have met Raya! She found the root to my problems. I encourage everyone to give Raya a chance to heal your problems.

Thank You Raya


Have had terrible issues with digestion since I had ten inches of colon and my gall bladder removed.  It seemed that all the choices I was making were the wrong ones.  Raya immediately put me on a Detox and rather limited diet-basically most vegetables and lean meats.  No sugar, coffee, alcohol, dairy, grains, legumes and vegetables with lectin-tomatoes, peppers, and eggplant.  It took several days to get settled into the new program; however now that I am two weeks into it, my intestines have settle right down and I am starting to feel much better.  Looking forward to having all of this behind me.  I am very happy to have discovered a woman who emphasized the natural approach to healing.

 Suzette S.

Raya, I want to tell you that I am very happy that I connected with you.  I was diagnosed with diabetes couple of years ago and it goes without saying –  I have had several counselors.  You are the best and I mean it.

You answered all my questions which was great.  You are very knowledgeable and know the helpful products.

I had a few issues and I have to admit that I was a little confused.  After talking to you, I felt a calmness I have not felt for a while.

You sensed the confusion and you put me back on the right track.

You are a very good counselor and I did benefit from our session, I feel I am headed in the right direction, thanks to you.

Leonida Abrams  12/20/2019

I had high cholesterol that kept increasing these past two years. I tried many different things mainly home remedies, but none would work. I saw Raya on television and decided to seek her help. After meeting with her, she provided me with natural pills that I stayed on for four months. After the four months, I took a test and found that my cholesterol decreased dramatically. I will continue to take these herbs until I’m fully satisfied with my cholesterol levels.
Thank you Raya !

Gagik S.

Hi! I’m Susanna! It’s almost been a month since I started coming to this fantastic office called “Steps To Wholeness“. The name speaks of itself! I’m very happy with the results I achieved and still achieving. I did the 10 day Bio-detox and lost 7 lbs by doing it. I still do the vibration machine which I call a miracle machine. I wouldn’t get the same results as exercising and my elliptical, jogging, doing ball exercises. I have 2 kids via c-sections. My tummy has started to lift and firm. I also have joint pain and by doing the footbaths it relives my joint pain.

Sussana A.

I am very happy that I chose “Steps To Wholeness” clinic to help me with my health issues. I love the environment, which brings peace to my soul. The staff members are supper organized and friendly. Raya is an incredible person and she’s very friendly with her clients. She cares for her clients and want to make sure that everyone is on the right direction. I really like her, especially the way she spoke to me, for example, giving me positive energy so I can stand through all my problems because I had sever back pain and it was almost effecting my whole life, but by finding this clinic I found all the support and I’m thankful. The supplements I was using was Allerplex ,Yellow Dock, Ferrafood, kapparest ,Ligaplex I,Ligaplex II, and Cal-

1. In my whole life I always had problems with seasonal allergies and everyday when I woke up my allergy would start and it continued until evening. I had very bad sinuses, runny nose, red eye, and very bad headaches. From that day when I started using Allerplex, day by day I got to see improvements. It took months, but eventually I got rid of the worst allergy I was dealing with.

2. Yellow Dock and Ferro food: In my blood test everything was messed up, such as red and white blood cells, hemoglobin, and etc. These supplements brought everything back to its place.

3. Kapparest reduced my inflammation and now I am pain free. Since then that was the best antiinflammatory I have ever tried.

4. Ligaplex I, Ligaplex II and Cal –Ma-Plus were helpful to stand on my feet above the severe back pain.
Again I’m very thankful for this clinic, amazing staff!!
God Bless them.

Shagik T.

After nearly a year of suffering with chronic digestive issues, panic attacks, depression, anxiety, and migraines, the Lord spoke with me one day and led me to Raya. Raya since then has changed my life around in ways that I could not possibly explain. She is knowledgeable, kind, patient, personable, and detail-oriented. She was able o reach to the root cause of my health issues as opposed to merely masking symptoms. Raya has not only helped me significantly improve my sleep, energy, eating habits, and mental health, she has given me hope and comfort in my healing journey. After six years of putting my trust in medical professionals, trying to find answers to my medical mystery, I was depressed, frustrated, and full of toxins. It was through the grace of God that I prayed the night before asking for a miracle, and that miracle was Raya. Within one week of her protocol and personalized one-one-one session, I was able to finally get out of bed without being in pain. Most importantly, Raya has the knowledge to guide anybody looking for answers to symptoms that medical doctors often are unable to understand. Raya has received the knowledge, training, and experience to get to the root cause of any concern. She listens patiently and is always available to answer questions or give advice. Raya is tuly passionate about helping people through God because she is involved on many platforms to get the message of health and wellness to people across the world. It is now only two months into my health journey and I am feeling so much better than before. Not only do I feel better already, but her positive outlook and energy has given me hope. Whether it be for digestive health, mental health, or overall well-being, Raya can help you overcome any obstacle with her knowledge and beautiful spirit. I am forever grateful to God for her knowledge, care, passion, and ability to help others in any way she can.I am so thrilled to have found a naturopath who has a passion for healing through a natural approach not only physically, but mentally and spiritually as well!

Salinay A. 12/4/18

I am extremely thankful to Raya Shanazaian.  Dealing with epilepsy is very difficult.  With her loving heart Raya helped us with so many issues.
She is very knowledgeable and passionate health practitioner. She is such a Blessing to all of us. I highly recommend her…

Laura O. 3/15/18

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