Raphaology is a Healing Art that Consists of Four Elements:

1) Herbs: Peak Frequency Plant Medicine
Specific herbs work with the natural chemistry of the body to repair, balance, and stimulate organs, emotions, thinking capacity, energy, and endurance to assist in obtaining our peak, limitless performance. Using herbs instead of synthetic chemicals will heal the body without harmful side effects and restore total health and well being!

2) Foods: Whole Spectrum Phyto-Nutrition
Peak enzyme foods utilize specific spectrums of the sunlight to supply the body with optimal fuel for every function. Obtain peak health by helping the body replace it’s stored, low quality, and toxic elements with food that is loaded with life force and accelerating energy. Experience weight loss by utilizing essential fatty acids that will remove stored fats in body tissues, or build the body with peak nutrients to sculpt and define. With peak frequency foods you can create existing and delicious meals for peak performance on every level.

3) Light: Color Therapy
The healing practice of color recognizes the specific vibrational frequencies of each color of light and how it affects the body. Different tissues and organs use and respond to specific color frequencies whether they come from sun-light, clothing, foods, plants, or animals. Disturbances in the individual life force field are responsible for every degree of ill health. Rebalancing the body’s color chemistry will eliminate the disturbance and restore organ functions to peak capacity.

4) Interactive Determination (I.D.) Therapy
This modern healing art is derived from indigenous practices found in: Egyptian foot zone therapy; Tribal Shamanism; Incan nerve reflexes; and Chinese pressure point arts where reactive areas of the body are used as a map to communicate with every organ and body part as they are attached to nerve pathways that surface on the skin. By accessing specific organs, glands, and systems I.D. Therapy shows what imbalances and deficiencies are present, and exactly what color frequency in plants and foods are necessary to restore full spectrum light to the electro-magnetic (aura) life-force field.

What is Raphaology?

RA: the science of enabling the earth to progress to her peak frequency as a sun
PHA: the knowledge of bringing peak frequency light to all matter

Over 45 years of combined research and practice in the field of herbs and nutrition, united with a revolutionary system of interactive foot mapping therapy to determine the cause of dysfunction makes Raphaology one of the most advanced healing methods available today. In many instances Raphaology techniques may provide more accurate detection than modern technology and laboratory tests, and the process is unsurpassed by pharmaceutical drugs in the use of the true healing power of natures medicine; herbs and foods.

Raya will introduce you to a new a sensorial experience once practiced by our ancestors, who lived in harmony with earth and without the illness we have today. A unique and customized session will first determine what is the cause of symptoms, what herbs are needed to repair damage and restore function, thus making symptoms disappear, and then what complementary foods are required for energizing and balancing to be achieved and maintained.

Color Gland & Organ Herbs Foods
MindGold Pituitary Gland, Gallbladder, Large & Small Brains, Spleen teeth, Sinuses, Tonsils Marigold, Alfalfa, Chamomile, Witch Hazel, Lemon Balm, Blue Flag Lemon, Raspberry, Avocado, Grapes, Red Onion, Leeks
FocusYellow Pineal Gland, Inner Ear, Liver, Bones Mustard, Suma Leaves, Hawthorne Leaves, Marshmallow Apricot, Crook, Neck Squash, Barley
Self Identity Green Thyroid Eyes, Olfactory, Taste Buds, Spinal Chord Nerves Cayenne (Capsicum), Myrrh, Red Beet, Horseradish Rosemary, Broccoli, Guava, Passion Fruit
Motivation Blue Nipples, Heart, Lungs, Respiratory Tract, Lymph American Ginseng, Yerba Santa, Cranberry, Golden Rod Cilantro, Mandarin Orange, Figs, Bananas
Relations Violet Kidney & Adrenals, Bladder, Skin, Solar Plexus Sarsaparilla, Kava-Kava, White Willow Bark, Passion Flower Papaya, Tomatoes/Roma, Pineapple, Hawthorne Berry
Balance Orange Pancreas, Appendix, White Cells, Colon, Bile Duct, Stomach, Small Intestine, Pancreas Duct Thyme, Raspberry Leaves, Gotu Kola, Centaury Kidney Beans (red), Kiwi, Red Potatoes, Plums
Peace Red Testicles Ovaries Anise Seed, Noni (Morinda), Juniper Berry, Angelica Rt. (Dong Quoi), Chaste Berry, Yellow Pansy Mango, Wheat, Corn, Pear, Fenugreek, Chocolate
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