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Can Coffee Be Used to Do Enemas?

Can Coffee Be Used to Do Enemas?   Are you skeptic about your health? Do you have consistent or frequent constipation? Are you having faulty digestion? Do you want to reset your body health to the optimum? Do you often get an intestinal infection? Are you looking for the methods of detoxification? How to cleanse [...]

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16 Uses of Hydrogen Peroxide

16 Uses of 3% Hydrogen Peroxide I never used hydrogen peroxide to clean or to gargle with it.  I had a ring in my toilet bowl, and I tried everything to get rid of that ugly ring, but nothing worked.  Someone posted on FB how it can clean grout in between the tiles, so I [...]

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16 Toxins You Must Avoid

16 Toxins You Must Avoid You are probably already aware of all the dangerous chemicals in our environment, toxins that surround us and expose us to carcinogens and other endocrine disrupting exposures that mess up our hormones. If you don’t know about them, this information will help you become aware of how to protect yourself [...]

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Our Chemical Environment

Our Chemical Environment In 1993, Mary Wolff, an associate professor at New York’s Mount Sinai Medical Center, published a paper in the Journal of the National Cancer Institute, indicating that exposure to certain chemicals may indeed play a role in breast cancer. Women with high blood levels of DDE, a DDT [...]

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