//Can Coffee Be Used to Do Enemas?

Can Coffee Be Used to Do Enemas?


Are you skeptic about your health? Do you have consistent or frequent constipation? Are you having faulty digestion? Do you want to reset your body health to the optimum? Do you often get an intestinal infection? Are you looking for the methods of detoxification? How to cleanse your liver and gut? If you have any of the given questions; you need to know about the coffee enema.

Coffee enema means injecting the coffee liquid in the colon through a tube, retaining it for 20-30 minutes and then flushing it out. It is a form of hydrotherapy where water carries the mixed coffee in the gut where it gets absorbed to starts its cleansing purpose.

Coffee enemas have been used by physicians and surgeons since late 80s for a number of clinical benefits. While looking for cancer treatment options, the coffee enema was brought into consideration as it has already been used in traditional medicine for gut healing. In 1884, it was included in the famous Merck Manual. Then, the first article on coffee enema was published in 1866 that implied the use of coffee enema in treating a child with accidental poison intake. In the same times; it was used for postoperative patients with abdominal surgeries, accidental poisoning and intoxication.

What is the Purpose of Coffee Enema?

We are living in a polluted world, unfortunately. Heavy industrialization, advanced chemical inventions and disrupted ecosystem have rendered our environments a populated place. From the food we eat to air we breathe; there is a lot of pollution and hundreds of pollutants. We have a number of harmful entities in our gut and blood as the gut is the major reservoir of microorganisms, and several chemical compounds as a result of the digestive process. The liver works closely with gut to make essential chemicals that are required for food digestion and production of chemical compounds necessary for vitality.

Since, the liver is the sole major organs to clear and metabolize all the drugs and whatever we take; it is affected most of any other organs. A person can’t maintain his/her with a compromised liver. The major purpose of coffee enema is to cleanse our body by getting rid of these toxic pollutants. Such toxins include food metabolites after digestion, possible carcinogen chemicals from surroundings, bacteria, yeast, pesticides, hormones, excreted drugs, ecstasy drugs and fat deposits.

How Did it Become Popular? The Dr. Gerson Therapy

Coffee enemas are an essential ingredient of Gerson therapy which was developed by Dr. Max Gerson. He formulated a diet plan to treat cancer by strengthening the body immune system. He believed that toxins play a major role in wear and tear of body and hence started his ‘detoxification’ therapy that helped many people to combat their cancer and to get relief from their pain. Coffee enema became popular after being introduced by Dr. Gerson. Although, no authentic study has been done to pinpoint the exact role of coffee enema in cancer and body cleansing; still it gained popularity among general masses due to positive feedback from the patients.

Why is Coffee Enema Different Than Drinking Coffee?

Coffee is a CNS stimulant, a mild diuretic and stomach irritant. When you drink coffee, it is absorbed from the stomach and passes to the liver for metabolism. Its absorption is partial and it’s not recommended to drink many cups of coffee as it exerts undesired effects instead of detoxification. Moreover, many chemicals in a coffee can’t be absorbed by the stomach so it’s not effective. In coffee enema, It reaches the colon directly giving a perfect absorption. It escapes the liver metabolism and all of its chemicals get absorbed in the colon in quantities fair enough for detoxification.

What is Required for Coffee Enema?

Following are the essentials for preparing a coffee enema:

  1. Coffee: Although you can use any regular coffee; It is recommended to use organically grown, oil free and mil roast coffee.
  2. Filtered water to make coffee liquid
  3. Bucket: Don’t use a plastic bucket or plastic bottles for enema purpose. Plastic is a good medium for bacteria and is difficult to wash. Aluminum is also not recommended as it is a toxic metal and can damage rectum. A stainless steel bucket is the best option here.
  4. Silicon tube: A silicon rubber pipe for injecting the mixture.
  5. Gloves and lubricant

Colonic irrigations machines are also available which are usually present in the healthcare centers offering enema. These are costly machines with amazing functions to carry out the whole process smoothly. Anyhow, these are not needed at homes.

How to Prepare and Administer Coffee Enema


Put two tablespoons of organic coffee in four cups of filtered hot water. Stir thoroughly till a uniform mixture is formed. Let it cool at room temperature and use it warm. Use a fresh preparation and take special care of the quality of ingredients.

Place the bucket about 18 inches height and clamp the tube. Lie on your side and lubricate the tip of the tube. Insert it slowly and don’t force it. Once inserted, release the clamp and let the mixture go in. Try to retain it for 15-30 minutes and then flush it out. However, if you feel pressure before the mentioned time; don’t try and hold and expel it accordingly.

Benefits of Coffee Enema:

Coffee enema has been used in traditional folk medicine for centuries due to its amazing health benefits. Studies are being conducted to prove and establish the scope of coffee enema benefits. The major benefits include:

  • Relief from chronic constipation
  • Detoxification and better functioning of the liver
  • Better energy levels
  • Pain Relief
  • Immunity boost
  • Removal of harmful chemicals and parasites from the gut



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